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Discount Pool Cues!Take Care Of that Cue!

Most cues today are not purchases,They're Investments!

Today, a top of the line Cue can exceed $1000,s even at the discounted prices on the internet.The truth is, that if you take care of a cue it will always maintain its value, sure if you shoot with your cue it will show signs of wear, but a cue enthusiast can detect the difference between wear & abuse.Here are some products and tips that we think will help you keep that cue like new!!

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#1 When your done playing wipe the cue with a soft clean cloth to remove the acids and sweat from the finish and wrap!

#2 Always use joint protectors on the shaft & butt end to prevent screw damage and foreign objects from entering the shaft thread  

#3 Never allow any liquids to touch the tip or ferrule area.

#4 Never lean your cue up against a drink  table or stick it down through a chair back.

#5 Always check the tightness of the joint of any cue before breaking or even shooting, a loose joint can easily strip or surely cause permanent damage to  the threads.

#6Never allow your cue to experience extreme heat(never leave your cue in your car exposed to the sunlight) This is a common cause of warpage and any cuemaker can spot heat damage and will void your warranties if any!

#7 Dont let anyone use your cue! Personally, It never makes me feel bad to say NO!

#8 Its a good idea to somehow mark your cue either in the butt area under the rubber plug or at the joint near the threads. We feel that if your comes up missing a definite marking will afford a greater chance of getting your cue returned(specially if you find it in a Pawn Shop.                                                                                                       

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