Our Personal Guarantee!                 


Discount Pool Cues Dont Sugar Coat It!

We guarantee that if you flat just dont like your newly purchased cue from Discount Pool Cues! We will refund your money in full less shipping within 24 hours of return guaranteed! We will honor manufacturers warranties with a instant replacement upon inspection of your cue and verification by us of an obvious factory defect . If you new cue has a obvious factory defect we will replace your cue immediatly absorb the shipping charges and deal with the factory on the replacement of the cue.Thats pretty cut and dried! We could of course baffle you with a lot of bull like all the other guys but its all pretty simple! But all in all if your cue shows obvious signs of abuse and neglect,or your cue is full of dings and dents worn out tip, cracks due to neglect or misuse were not going to offer you repair or replacement! and were not gonna sugar coat it! no warranties cover owner neglect!!

The Real Factory Guarantees    And what they mean!

Factory warrantees
The factory warranties on our selected cues are the standard of the industry. On all of our lines if you have a legitimate factory defect or defect brought about by normal use and general play your cues are repaired or replaced at no cost to you! If you abuse your cue and it is quite obvious when we inspect and make a request  for repair that you have neglected to care for you cue at all we can only forward the cue to the cue maker, but always the final decision is made by the manufacturer and at their descretion they make the decision to repair, replace or just refuse to make any repairs! the factories may not repair cues that has damage due to neglect or misuse.

The factory will generally replace the tips , under warranty! But for all practacle purposes this is considered a consumable portion of your new or used cue. Cue tip repair kits and cue care accessories can be found at this site. When you need service on your tip and ferrule Locally in the pool rooms and locals there is generally a service to  replace tips and this cost an average of about $5 to $8 hardly the cost of sending it in for repair! I wont say manufacturers will not replace tips under warranty but to send the cue and have it sent back hardly warrants the service!.


Ferrules are somewhat considered consumable and will cost from $20 to $35 to replace! A good rule of thumb is never allow the thickness of your tip to be less than the thickness of a american Nickel. Ferrules are damaged when the tip is worn below this thickness or when you make a off center break and the tip is too thin to absorb the shock. When using or storing your cue be extra careful to not allow dampness on or around the tip and ferrule area as dampness will cause the wood below the ferrule and tip to expand causing permanent damage to this critical part of the cue.. When in your pool playing area seek out someone that replaces tips and ferrules and maintain your tips regularly..

Your Cue and straightness! Everyone wants a straight cue its imperative to play with one.

The # 1 question We get is my cue isnt straight what could have happened to it ? There are several things that happen and reasons cues warp and become no longer playable.

#1 Most cues made today use kiln dried wood and this is due to the enormous need for cue building materials to feed the demand of the entire world going nuts over pool! When  building a cue we experience several cuemaking activities that will generally depict the longivity of the cue! When all is said it actually can take years for wood to give off its natural moistures to become a 100% piece of air dried wood, therefore probably 90% of the cues sold in the world use kiln dried woods. We have been told that while kiln drying is very effective the only way to assure the total drying is a long process of air drying. When building a cue Shaft wood is very critical because its generally turned to a thickness of 11 to 14 mm over maybe 50% of its 30" + length. When a custom cue maker chooses a piece of shaft wood it is inspected for imperfections before its use is considered and then it is inspected throughout its transformation from a block of hard rock maple hardwood to a finished shaft! The differences between many high end cue makers and low end mass production cue companies is the level at which the woods are considered useable or otherwise unusable! To a top cue maker he may sort through as many as 25+ shaft blanks before he finds what he considers a usable piece of wood to attach his name to, while low end mass production cue companies will use what the other cue makers reject! and of course with this in mind will explain the reason why some cues are much more expensive than others! another question we here every day( WHY ARE THOSE CUES SO EXPENSIVE AND THIS ONE LOOKS JUST LIKE IT! Whats the difference? Well this is just a little story to help with the question why is this and why is this that, when it comes to cues!!


Posted Manufactirers Warranties
Soon we will post all the cue manufacturers warranties in detail at this location with each cue listed seperatly so you can read in detail what the manufacturer has to say about his warranty! We decided to simply list manufacturers warranties and you can decipher them as you wish!

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