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We At times maintain an inventory of 500 to 1000+ Pool cues and of course our main lines are Meucci Balabushka and Cuetec. Since we specialize in several quality high demand cues we can buy cheaper and pass the savings to you.

We inspect each cue before delivery and place them in a specially designed 2500 RPM spinning wheel to check straightness and shaft alignment to minimize returns to nearly a zero factor.

The Cues are processed and generally shipped within 24 hours from your order. In cases where we don't have a particular cue or are out of stock we have  our manufacturers and distributors direct ship to you, these cues. They still carry our independent warranties along with the manufacturers warranties.

We have chosen our manufacturers with the best warranties and return policies and will not settle for less.

We add a personal touch to nearly every transaction and try to give the best satisfaction out there.

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Mike Here Checking and reweighing your New Cue if Necessary!

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Mike Checking Stock of Extra Shafts


A Few Cues on Display  our inventory of collector Meucci Cues


Signed Cues and 9 Balls From Nearly every modern day player !


Mike Spinning each cue at 2500 rpm to check for straightness! A specially designed cue spinning device checks each and every cue for true straightness prior to packaging for shipment. The true straightness is somewhat different than just rolling the cue on the table which can sometimes give erroneous answers to the question of true straightness. The main reason that this is better is because a cue can have a slight difference in the taper around a 360 deg axis at the end of the taper where the thinner portion of the shaft meets the beginning of the increase in size as you get closer to the joint. Shafts rolled on a table due to the cut of the taper can appear to be warped but instead actually are perfectly straight!.

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Mike at the desk taking orders and answering sometimes 200-500 e-mails a day from all over the world with questions about cues, supplies

and services and we try to return them all and sometimes we fall a little behind but we make it up somehow!.

We thank you for your continuing business and support!


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