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We have several in stock for sale all new never sold various prices from $1500.00 to $3500.00

APPROX VALUE TODAY IN 90-99% condition is 2800.+ deduct for damage and aging plus these cues bring more or less in different markets..

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Mad Mike's Collection

The SE-10 was a cue that never finished the production run due to the extensive scrolling and scrimshaw style inlays.

A letter was sent out to some of the dealers explaining that Meucci Originals would no longer take order for this cue and that only the placed orders would be honored, by shutting down the production prior to the completition of the run and the letters explaining the non completon this made the cues a collectable before their time.

A record sale for a cue numbered under 10  sold for 6500.00 several days after the announcement by meucci we have had sales of specific low numbered cues selling for 2500.00+ we feel that this cue is an all time collectable by Meucci and there is no doubt we will see sales of this cue exceeding present sales figures.

We have extra copies of the original SE-10 Flyer for sale at $7.50

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Meucci pool cues, cue sticks, cue cases and billiard supplies red dot shaft page