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Discount Pool Cues Presents The Meucci RED DOT SHAFT

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The Meucci red dot shaft sold alone to fit Meucci's and other cues. read this carefully!

We do not guarantee a perfect fit on Meucci shafts due to the fact that Meucci shafts are fitted to the individual cue at the manufacturer time although the exact joint ring style will be achieved the shaft or joint diameter could be several thousandths different this is not a problem with most but we have experienced this on occasion pretty much so that are very close. Any one who guarantees this without matching the cue to the butt joint is dreaming, not even the Meucci factory will guarantee a perfect fit without matching the two units (cue and shaft).


Note the red dot on Meucci cues are never in an exact dedicated location and are not always a perfect Dot! this question has come about on several occasions and now we will answer this!! The dot is simply a punch and then is filled with red color then cleared sanded and buffed! the actual configuration of the dot could be different in size slightly and at times can be different in color slightly! This is laced in the cue when it is indexed for true radial consistency..


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Meucci suggested retail price is $150.00

Meucci Red Dot Shafts Your Cost!  $115.00

Discount Pool Cues Presents The Meucci Red Dot Shaft for Most Cues

See and read the truth about cue deflection and see the results    

Now revealed the test results on several major cues!

Red Dot Shafts For All Other Cues Are Available

5/16 x 18     fits all Meucci's*Huebler*Viking*Cobra*Brunswick plus more fine thread

5/16 x 14     fits Joss*Balabushka*Falcon*Helmstetter*Scruggs*Schon*George*Black Boar

3/8 x 10   McDermott* Viking*Joss West*Mali*Pechauer*McWorter*Lambros*

These shafts come with a standard black ring only! except Meucci Cues ordered by collar style.


underlined cues may have different pins you should call!! or maybe if you are capable you can count the

number of threads per inch that your cue has! its not real difficult but it is very important!

use a 1 inch ruler and cut back to 1/2 " if the pin does not exceed 1" count the threads at 1/2" of the

pin.    On A 3/8 x 10 you should only count 5 etc this may help!