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Viking logo 1x1

5/16  18 only! $18.00 set    

Viking logo 1x2

5/16  18 only! $27.00 set    

Meucci Originals 1x1

5/16  18 only! $18.00 set    

Meucci Originals 1x2

5/16  18 only! $27.00 set    

also fits many other cues with this screw and a plat face on the shaft(huebler,lucasi,etc. call!)black or white

McDermott, Mali 1x1

3/8     11 $18.00 set    

McDermott, Mali 1x2

3/8     11 $27.00 set    
Fits numerous pins generally the largest of all (Mali,Josswest,Mcworter,Diekman, many custom cues use this pin)
Joss, Schon, George, Palmer 1x1 5/16    14 $18.00 set    
Joss, Schon, George, Palmer 1x2 5/16    14 $27.00 set    
Meucci Joint protectors.jpg (18902 bytes) viking jp.jpg (26746 bytes) blckjp.jpg (22425 bytes) 3/8 11

picture not availiable


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