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We support a no tolorance credit fraud rule we prosecute all fraud attempts

a-4cc.gif (11560 bytes)    I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!  Direct Payment System


We accept all the above and also accept checks, wire transfers, money orders, cashiers checks       

You may use your Master card + Visa + Discover + American Express + Bank Visa Debit (checking debit)


You must be in possession of your credit card at the time your order.

The credit card must be in your name and the address must be verifiable...


        #1   Your shipping address will be checked against the billing address before shipping and we will not ship to any po box, temporary address, nor will we ship to any address other than the billing address as provided to us by the issuing bank (this address will be crossed with your shipping and acceptance) All signatures at acceptance must be those of the cardholder only and must be verified by identification matching that of the cardholder! before shipping your credit card will be processed to include all charges such as shipping and any additional charges initiated by the card holder.

       #2   We send all packages signature acceptance,  Identification required, and check for verification of card prior to shipping!

       #3   We will prosecute all credit card fraud cases to the fullest extent and forward all shipping acceptance addresses to the proper authorities along with all cancelled credit card numbers and persons attempting to use cards stolen or otherwise worthless as payment in any country or state.

      #4  This all should be very acceptable to those who do not try to use unauthorized credit card numbers and hopefully will cut down on financial losses due to illegal credit card use. we feel it will not be an inconvience to those who are in compliance with these guidelines.


     Credit card returns will be credited back within 24 hours after receiving your returned goods and in acceptable form as described in our return policy. If you are returning your goods because you are just not happy with the item and there is no difinitive flaws in the goods you may be charged the original total   shipping charge.


     We will accept all checks drawn on a financial institution upon clearance and release of funds(generally 72 hours we will ship any and all goods purchased.

     Cashier checks and money orders will afford priority shipping and we will ship upon recieving funds.

     Soon we will offer online check transactions !


     we will accept wire transfers toa special account set up for these transaction.

      This simply works like this,,   We give you a routing number and bank number along with a bank code and you transfer funds in the amount of the purchase along with a small transfer fee and we will process your order at the release of these funds ,usually 24 hours and ship immediatly.

Ongoing Transactions;

     In some cases we have persons that order on a weekly basis after we establish a working relationship with these accounts we will ship on a COD basis and in some cases ship on a net 30 with no interest.


We hope that this will help you decide on the plan that fits you best and we want to establish a working relationship with all!

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