Patented Process

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Diagram of Cuetec's Patented Process

Over time, even the most expensive cues you can imagine can be ruined by atmospheric conditions such as temperature and moisture. Cuetec's composite cladding of either graphite or fiberglass completely encases the solid wood core in an armor of high-tech synthetic material. This "Power Bonding Process" protects the cue from warping by locking out moisture and temperature changes. In addition, the synthetic cladding provides ding and dent resistance, and adds tremendous strength to the cue.

By the way, due to the revolutionary hi-tech Cuetec manufacturing process, the proper way to determine the straightness of a Cuetec Cue is to “sight” the cue from the butt to the tip. If you roll the cue on a table you may notice a slight wobble. This is normal due to the nature of the fiberglass cladding process over the wood. The cue is straight.

And now Cuetec has taken this revolutionary advancement in cue manufacture one step further! Cuetec has enhanced its world famous pro-taper to become the longest in the industry with S.S.T. design! This new dramatic 15 1/2" conical taper coupled with the new "TRU-Glide" super slick shaft finish, both based on  a high quality hardwood core, deliver the strongest, smoothest, and most solid hit available. And unlike other "graphite" cues on the market, a Cuetec feels like a high quality wood cue. You get the performance associated with high-tech composite materials, yet the feel of wood. This fantastic combination, coupled with beautiful designs and colors, provides a cue value unprecedented in the billiard market. It's no wonder that Cuetec is the fastest selling cue in the world today . And with over 50 models at retail prices from $100 to about $200, there's a Cuetec for every pool player!