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This is from my personal collection these are not for sale!! save the quarter

Meucci Limited White Rose Cue back to meucci collectables by Discount Pool Cues

Limited to 500 of the white version ans 500 of the Green worldwide / total they will never come again!

At The Bottom Of This Page View The New Limited Production "Bizarro" 1-20 only


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The prototype was purchased by us from Bob Meuccis personal collection as the original Limited White Rose, This cue has some differences than the production model.

We have a signed certificate of authenticity from Meucce Originals

The value of these cues are variable but we have in our possesion

production numbers 01-02-03-05 white 01-02-03-05 green

We may entertain an offer posted at our e-mail address



Note the placement of the red dot!!

On the first few of the meucci rose cues the red dots were placed near the ferrule, this is what the players thought would be best. The general player thought the dot should be near the joint because is may be a distraction when sighting down the shaft, needless to say cues with the dot at the ferrule have a dramatic collector value as compared to those with the dot at the joint.

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pool cues,sticks,billiards and snooker cues collectable new and used

The new "Bizarro"51-79 reversed 97-15 $800.00 2 shafts letter of auth...



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