(LEFT) Hundreds of Turned Pieces of exotic woods from all over the world

ENTER THE Bizarro World of Pool Cues!

 slowly drying to one day become a Bizarro Custom Cue


Here you see.. Purple Heart,Cocobolo,Tulip Wood,Cheechen,Brazilian Rosewood,Ebony,Maples and Burls from Austrailia..plus hundreds of other exotics that get turned on our lathes thousandths at a time and then re-hung to relax then weeks later another turn is made to return a final piece of perfect cue wood, this process can take months to complete. Pool cue woods are turned in stages before they are selected to go into the making of a pool cue. Larger pieces that dont make the grade are discarded or used for ring work or sections cut out for inlay work.

(RIGHT) Dozens of near finished cues that are of course already sold before completion, some cues can take years to complete but in most cases we have cues for sale for a complete inventory of one of a kind cues that may be for sale please call our exclusive seller at 239-272-9736 thanks.


Bizarro Custom Cues

Now being recognized as one of the true

 American Pool Cue Builders..


One of our Originals

Herman Rambo Styling Sneaky Pete

$295.00   call for availability generally ships in 4-5 working days

add 175.00 for  custom laminated shaft

.60 black ring .250 ivorine followed by a .250 black phenolic resin butt cap cue is finished in a hi-tech acrylic uv protectant finish with a high gloss durable sheen found on cues selling for thousands more. The tweeten Triangle tip or the Le Pro tips are standard Morri tips available add $35.00 per shaft. wood grain varies on every cue the cue shown is sold. place your order now!

5/16x 14 joint pin with piloted joint black phenolic resin joint collar

Maple forearm and splice based on a Canadian Maple Cue Blank

The surgical pin stainless Radial Pin (which has a little beeswax on it to seal the joint at the shaft) is the pin of choice for current custom cue makers..

$425.00  Sold  3\10\03