Most Custom Cues Begin With An Idea, Heres One!

 Heres what you get from start to finish 85 hours of combined work and a lot of patience..

From Hundreds of chips and slivers of pre ban Ivory we choose matching grain and correct colors to become the skulls..



Here are the final Ivory chunks that will be soon the inlays of the Skull Cue






Here Is The Final product Loom At The Exciting Ebony Handle Wood With The Amboyna Burl and Other Inlays Along With The Ivory Skulls...with silver eyes and burl inlayed nose, comes with 2 laminated shafts 12.87mm This Cue Is Sold As A One Of A Kind And Will Not Be Duplicated.. Thanks For watching

sale price with matching joint protectors $2500.00

Here The Pockets And Parts Are Fitted






Here The pockets have Been Precisely Cut In And The Parts(Skulls) Fitted actually the photo has been showing only 2 but there are four parts and pockets..